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Auto Hide IP (+ Repack)

Direct Download Software Mar 9, 2012 615 Downloads
Auto Hide IP (+ Repack)

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Auto Hide IP (+ Repack) | 10.46 MB
Auto Hide IP - Hide Your IP Address, Surf Anonymously, Protect Your Identity, Guard Against Hackers. Be careful! Have you ever been aware of your IP adress? Your IP exactly points to your location, with very high precision, right to the door of your apartment. Every time you visit a website, your IP address is completely exposed.

Key Features:
• Anonymous Web Surfing
Prevent others from seeing your true IP when browsing the Internet. Change your IP frequently with the click of a button!
• Protect Your Identity
Identity thieves can use your IP address to monitor your web activity and intercept your private financial information. Criminals, hackers, and even the government can trace your exact location right down to your street address.
• Choose IP Country
You can also select fake IP from different countries via “Choose IP Country” option and can Check IP directly.
• Send Anonymous E-mails
Prevent your real IP address from being shown in E-mail headers on any Webmail E-mail service such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. It is very easy for anyone to find your geographic area you send E-mail from using free publicly available IP lookup tools.
• Un-ban Yourself From Forums and Message Boards
Have you been banned from a forum or message board? No problem! Use Auto Hide IP to change your IP allowing you to access any website that has banned you such as eBay, Craigslist, and many browser-based games.


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Download Auto Hide IP (+ Repack) Torrent

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