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ABBYY FineReader

Direct Download Software Oct 1, 2011 575 Downloads
ABBYY FineReader

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ABBYY FineReader | 270MB
ABBYY FineReader 11 - will increase the productivity of employees of the organization by increasing the processing speed of documents up to 45% and increased recognition accuracy of paper documents and all types of PDF-files. Advanced automation and scheduling of batch processing greatly simplifies the digitization of documents. The program added a tool to remove confidential information, and ABBYY Business Card Reader - application for transfer of data from business cards into electronic format.

Support for new formats, save documents, including DjVu and Writer
11 ABBYY FineReader recognizes and converts document images and PDF-format files directly to Open Writer (ODT), accurately preserving the original formatting. Also, the product can even save the results to a format DjVu, which is particularly popular with users, recognizing books and scientific papers.

Improved interface to increase productivity
New Style Editor helps you edit documents directly in ABBYY FineReader. Users can view all the styles used in the document, edit them or merge. Changes are automatically applied to the entire document, eliminating the manual adjustment of the text. The verification regime will quickly recognize the result of errors in the text.

Separation Package pages for different documents
This tool is useful when scanning in a single stream of several documents. By dividing the package into separate pages of documents, you can improve the quality of treatment of each of them at the expense of a more precise development of the technology ADRT, as well as to spread the work over time with different instruments. This feature is especially useful when handling large volumes of documents and scan sets of heterogeneous documents on an office MFP.

Improved recognition of photographs of documents
Photos, documents, obtained by the camera or mobile camera devices, are recognized more accurately, their original formatting is preserved better. Also extended the possibility of adjusting for typical photographic image defects, such as alignment lines on the folds facing pages of the book or the correction of trapezoidal distortion.

New tools for image processing of documents
Now, an image editor includes a complete set of tools for preprocessing document images. Users can adjust the brightness and contrast of images, intensity levels of light and shadow. Changes can be applied to individual pages or all pages at once.

Improved work with PDF
The program has three predefined modes saved in the format PDF - high quality (maintaining the quality of the original image), the minimum size (for archiving) or balanced mode (to be published on the internet). The new version has improved compression technology (MRC), so the file size when saving to PDF is reduced to 5 times (compared with the version of ABBYY FineReader 10).

ABBYY Business Card Reader for recognition of business cards
Additional application that allows you to retrieve contact information from scanned business cards and convert to electronic format vCard or save data directly to contact Microsoft Outlook ®.

Improved application ABBYY Screenshot Reader
ABBYY Screenshot Reader creates images of any area of ??the screen identifies and saves the text into an editable format. The new version of the application can specify the size of the screenshot.

Main features:

1. Choosing to install Corporate, Professional, Professional with separate functions Corporate version
(Creation of custom tasks and mode of censorship).
2. Does not require registration.
3. The service of licensing and license server are removed.
4., taken out for better compression distribution.
5. Interface languages ??are Russian and English (a choice at installation), other interface languages ??and help files - removed.
6. Removed all fonts.
7. MSXML 6.0 Parser (coming in the original distribution) is included in RePack and will be automatically set accordingly bit capacity of the system (or not installed if it already exists).
8. By the following recognition languages ??(the other is deleted):
English, French, German, Greek (included for the recognition of mathematical formulas)
Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Formal Languages.
9. Removed from the installation menu autorun ScreenShot Reader and sending information on the "settings" in ABBYY (disabled).
10. Based on the original MSI installer.
11. The possibility of both standard and automatic installation of the program, depending on the key (a total of 12 installations, in more detail below).
12. If there is next to the distribution that is automatically picked up from an external configuration files, programs and / or additional (not included in RePack) recognition languages.


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