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CodeVision AVR 2.05.0

Direct Download Software Dec 26, 2010 2,339 Downloads
CodeVision AVR 2.05.0

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CodeVision AVR 2.05.0 | 14.5 MB

High Performance ANSI C Compiler, Integrated Development Environment, Automatic Program Generator and In-System Programmer for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers.

Now with ATxmega support
HP InfoTech presents a new version of the most popular (more than 9500 registered users) commercial C Compiler for the Atmel AVR.
Compiler new features:
* redesigned ANSI C compatible C front-end
* improved code optimizer
* the @ operator can now be used with variables located in EEPROM too
* improved and faster linker
* improved COFF object file generator
* improved error/warning reporting and many more..

Editor new features:
* improved syntax highlighting for both C and AVR assembly
* function parameters and global structure/union members auto complete
* redesigned Code Navigator that displays project information in a more logical way
* new Code Information tab is present after a project build. It displays detailed information about the included header files, preprocessor macro definitions, type definitions, global/static variable declarations, memory allocation and function definitions
* new Functions Call Tree that displays the maximum data stack usage in the program, with details for each function
* improved code folding and bookmarks with the possibility to save/restore
* automatic matching brace highlighting when the user places the cursor before the brace
* automatic file saving at specified time interval and many more...

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