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Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009 (DVD-9/DVD-DL)

Direct Download Software Mar 8, 2010 6,450 Downloads
Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009 (DVD-9/DVD-DL)

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  Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009 (DVD-9/DVD-DL) | 7,03 GB   Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full - is a standalone video player with visualization of erotic strip dance 29 beautiful models on the desktop of your monitor. After installing the program, it is embedded in the system tray, and at any moment to request a new girl come to the podium to dance for you a private striptease. Even the most stubborn skeptics that art will not remain indifferent. With new girls - beautiful temptress dance. You have not seen this navryadli and see.   Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full - striptease on your desktop. 29 girls. Excellent quality. The main advantages of this software is, by now you do not need more internet! No need for any virtual machine! Installation is not required!

Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full - the most complete "DVD-9/DVD-DL" version to date have. Presence of a large Number of additional features and flexible settings. Now, as earlier each day to update the program is not required, and wait for full load on one girl in a week ...

Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full - in this version, not as a demonstration and downloadable full volume at 9 mb, there is a lot of frank and open elements of eroticism, it is desirable to limit the access of children!   Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009 (DVD-9/DVD-DL)

What can a girl from Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full?

• They talk to you if you suddenly became lonely;
• they wish you "Good morning" with the advent of a new day;
• They remind you of the cases scheduled for today, and yet the mass of any other useful ...
• Demonstration of commercials produced in high definition video HD, so
• The program has many settings, video stream
• work in two modes: the dimension of the image;
• work in four modes effect it primenyaemyhk video;
• choice of four types of scenic paintings and svetooformleniya;
• catalog of available models with the configuration of the calendar hits
• and more than 30 individual manuals.

Models of different categories:

• Female students;
• model the secretary;
• striptezershi in uniform
• total 12 categories.


1) Rasspakuyte archive
2) Folder "vghd" Copy the disk "C"
3) Start _totem_crack.reg
4) Run vghd.exe and enjoy.

If you put vghd folder in the root folder of C, where are the system folders Program Files and Windows will not continue, then additional settings will not need to do!

Additional Information:

1.If you wish to place on the disk D, an external hard drive or a capacious USB flash drive in the 8 - 16GB, we must specify the full path where you placed the folder vghd, whether it be drive C or D is desirable not to hide the deeper and further put the folder vghd , the more will have to prescribe the way in totem_crack.reg. Now describe everything you need to do!

As an example, take the mini external hard drive under the letter "G" and a local disk "D" and will review two options.

VariantI: Mini external hard drive under the letter "G"

In this case, you want to change _totem_crack.reg, why open it with notepad and change the drive letter of the desired (three lines), then save the changes.

"MainPath" = "G: vghd"
"DataPath" = "G: vghdData"
"ModelsPath" = "G: vghdModels"

Changed only on G and all the problems!

VariantII: More complex disk D finite folder "Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009", which will house the folder vghd.

"MainPath" = "D: DokumentyLichnyeArhivVirtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009vghd"
"DataPath" = "D: DokumentyLichnyeArhivVirtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009vghdData"
"ModelsPath" = "D: DokumentyLichnyeArhivVirtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009vghdModels"

Just to prescribe the full path in _totem_crack.reg; in three lines and all should work ...

2. Increase and decrease the size of models, by clicking the mouse on them
3. In the System folder "vghd" see the text document "info" full information of the news
4. No normative +18 V


If you decide to change the name of system folders "vghd", then list the îáåçàòåëüíî in totem_crack.reg. For example change the name of system folders "vghd" on "Virtua Girl HD Girls Full", then _totem_crack.reg; in three lines load this same title Virtua Girl HD Girls Full.

"MainPath" = "G: Virtua Girl HD Girls Full"
"DataPath" = "G: Virtua Girl HD Girls FullData"
"ModelsPath" = "G: Virtua Girl HD Girls FullModels"

If you do not prescribe, all I said above, the program simply will not start and when awaken experiment, then for all sorts of fire to make a backup copy _totem_crack.     Download :

Hotfile | Letitbit(+2%)

Single Link (Direct)

Download Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009 (DVD-9/DVD-DL) Torrent

Free Download Virtua Girl HD Offline 29 Girls Full 2009 (DVD-9/DVD-DL) Torrent,, , Crack, Keygen, Serial, Patch.
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