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ETKA 7.4 International (Update 24-05-2013)

Direct Download Software May 24, 2013 1,008 Downloads
ETKA 7.4 International (Update 24-05-2013)

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ETKA 7.4 International (Update 24-05-2013) | 8.89 GB
Description: The electronic catalog ETKA 7.3 contains full information on spare parts and accessories for cars Concern VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minivans

Extras. Information:
Download all the versions do not necessarily pick only the version you want to use.
Be sure to read the FAQ.

Pre-installed update: VW / AU - 965, SK - 497, SE - 491.
On the x64 goes.
The distribution of the manual, read carefully.
Automatically updated via the automatic update utility.
This version can not update, and run with the label "ETKA 7.3 with fallback date"
Labels are set to drive C. If Etku put on another drive, then they should rule.

Can be installed on drive C:, D:, E: and F:
To reduce the size of the distribution and installation time deleted backup folders Prog1 (2) and DATA1 (2) they poyavyatsya during the upgrade.
In the integrated version of the latest update, the German price and additional photos taken with the project Tekapo, for which many thanks to him.
In the hand it is possible to set any price list and database guilty.

For those who want to use the current German price, it is necessary to download the version ETKA 7.3 Germany 2013
In some versions INTERNATIONAL optimized the structure to reduce the size of files and disk space it takes about 7 gigs around Germany version 9.

Version is set to grab penguins with a drive from FGST, additional configuration is necessary nothing.
Installation on Windows x64:

Update 24.05.2013 : All updated, polished, tested and added.

ETKA 7.4 International (Update 24-05-2013)

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Mirror 3:

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