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Nomad Factory MAGMA Live v1.5.0

Direct Download Software Feb 6, 2013 1,279 Downloads
Nomad Factory MAGMA Live v1.5.0

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Nomad Factory MAGMA Live v1.5.0 - IND | 191 MB

Magma 1.5.0 Live version for guitarists to use live
Nomad Factory proudly introduces MAGMA V1.5, an entirely new category of audio effects processing featuring Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) MAGMA version 1.5 adds two significant new modules. The first is a Modulation Matrix with up to 32 source/destination routings, 8 programmable LFOs, and a programmable 16-step sophisticated MSEG Multiple Segment Envelope Generator that allows users to create up to 8 unique envelopes for modulation sources.

All sources, including MIDI messages, can control any parameter of any MAGMA effect loaded in the virtual rack. The second new module is called the VST Chainer, which allows users to load and access all other Nomad Factory plug-ins or any 3rd party VST plug-ins for use in the MAGMA routing and processing environment.

Both of these modules are offered as a no-cost upgrade version 1.0 of MAGMA that already features new types of audio processing, routing, and flexibility in a simple, intuitive package. MAGMA 1.5 comes with 65 All New Effects. Featuring 1-rack-unit interfaces that can be loaded and rearranged using up to four racks, MAGMA also comes with a flexible routing matrix enabling serial, parallel or combined routings.

Effects Categories Include, Dynamics, Equalizers, Pre-Amps, Distortions, Reverbs, Delays, Modulation, Sequencers, Filters, Special FX, and Guitar FX.

Modulation Matrix:

The Modulation Matrix takes MAGMA to the next level of creativity and control by giving users 8 LFOs and 8 MSEG (Multiple Segment Envelope Generator) that can be freely assigned to any plugin parameter within the rack. LFOs and MSEG envelopes can move knobs automatically without using automation, which make MAGMA FX racks appear to spring to life.


• 8 freely assignable LFOs
• 8 freely assignable 16-stage MSEG sophisticated Multiple Segment Envelope Generator that allows complex modulation envelopes to be created.
• Move any knob in any rack automatically without automation
• Control Assign allows for quick One-Click LFO/MSEG Envelopes assignment
• Create complex FX machines that were previously unobtainable
• Right click any parameter within a rack for a quick assignment

New VST Chainer, Drag & Drop, Solo & Mute, Full Automation:

VST Chainer:

The VST Chainer opens up MAGMA to the vast universe of 3rd party VST audio plug-ins. Each VST Chainer allows loading up to 8 VST audio plug-ins simultaneously per rack. With 16 different rack spaces, MAGMA can host up to 16x VST Chainers, which makes possible 128 simultaneous 3rd party effects. Users can mix and match internal MAGMA FX racks with 3rd party FX and save favorite combinations for later use.


• Load favorite 3rd party VST plug-ins into MAGMA
• Pop-up editor to access any plug-in’s original GUI
• Chain up to 8 VST effects together per rack, multiplied by 16 total racks, for up to 128 simultaneous effects
• Mix and match internal MAGMA FX with 3rd party VSTs
• Save and Recall VST Chainer combinations

MAGMA’s Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) technology enables users to stack dozens of interchangeable effects in a seemingly infinite number of combinations, all in one easy-to-use plug-in. MAGMA makes it easy to mix and match effects, create and recall unique chains, and process audio in unique ways. Using MAGMA is like having a Virtual Studio Rack with a large number of effects at one’s disposal.

Features Overview:

• Includes 65 high-quality, custom, unique effects racks
• New Modulation Matrix with 32 source/destination routings
• Modulation Matrix includes 8 LFOs, 8 programmable 16-stage envelopes, all temposynced
• VST Chainer that allows loading 3rd Party plug-ins
• Drag & Drop effects to any rack position
• Four Easy-to-use Virtual Racks.
• Flexible Routing Matrix.
• Presets Browser Window.
• 600+ Factory Presets Included.

Magma 1.5.0 Live version for guitarists to use live


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