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Fishing Simulator 2

Direct Download Games Aug 12, 2010 404 Downloads
Fishing Simulator 2
Fishing Simulator 2 | PC game | 245 MB

Fishing Simulator is a real time fishing with real life graphics to enhance game play. There are various lures,floats and baits to play around. The different weather and the climate makes it more realistic. The real time mode makes the player feel like you are fishing even now. The reason is that sometimes in real life, it is hard to catch fishes in winter or summer.
So if you are not catching any fishes, then maybe switching the date can also help. There is three manuals inside the game as well as a website for more help needed.
For the fans of fishing game, you can register and download the game as well as add-ons on the authors homepage. In addtional, there is online game play and challenges like who catch the biggest fish online. Great game for the fishing fanatics !

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Se7ven

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Fishing Simulator 2



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Tags: PC Windows
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